Return to L.A. Driving…and commuting.

About three weeks ago, I drew this when I took my car into the shop...

I haven’t been able to drive my car since May 2010. California changed the smog standards for cars of the age category that I’m in, and sadly, my car, which I love, couldn’t pass. That is, after having the whole exhaust system replaced, which cost a decent amount.

My mechanic advised me that I needed a new engine. And that, True Believers, really costs. Especially for a 1985 Mercedes Benz. I’ve been saving up for it, and this year, in the first week of the year, I brought her in for the job.

Three weeks later, I just got the call. I’m looking forward to picking it up after school today…and am still slightly paranoid that she won’t pass smog.

The next step is navigating the return from non operation status to driving status, and getting the tags for that. That might be a serious DMV mystery.

Today, however, I will brave driving it the few blocks to my home, paperwork in the front, hoping against hope that I wont get a ticket at that point for out of date tags.

I’ve already converted the artwork into a keychain, that I look forward to using later. That art is below.

All in all…this is really helping me out of the depressing nature of the week. The Tales of Adequacy at the office have been epic level…

Hopefully...I too will be driving, with this on my keychain, later today!

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