Go back to the North Pole, Klaus.

As the season wore on, tensions with Alien-Americans grew...

As the season went on, I have to admit, things on our campus stayed pretty above board. Secret Santa was limited to the 8th Grade, and in our building, the “holiday stuff” was pretty minimal. I did have an unfortunate delivery of brownies from a staff member, but over all, things were pretty minimal. Compared to the sorts of uber- religious evangelical messages of my prior school…it was easier. By far.

However, it is amazing how quickly we adjust our perceptions. The moment a lower level of “in my face” Christmas was presented, the more Epic Level my relative hostility became. To be fair, Pledge LA’s function was the most above board, secular function that I’ve ever been to in the District around Christmas. However, the invitation, and a few conversations put me in a foul mindset that didn’t get resolved until January.

That drove this composition as well…the protagonist simply punching Santa in the neck. HARD. I’m not that happy with the composition, I feel that it seems a little stiff, but overall, it still makes me unusually happy when I see it.

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