Everyone loves the word "tenurite" here....

So, this image was drawn during winter break, as I started to really get concerned about California and LAUSD’s failing budgets. Listening to Empty Suits and Spokesholes from the Union and the District, it was clear that yet another Doomsday Budget was coming. At my school, that would mean that major layoffs would happen, crippling what we were starting to construct in rebuilding the school.

Hence this picture. I decided that I was going to stand up to preserve continuity of staff at the school. The point was keeping continuity…we had trained these teachers, they were making real progress, and were becoming a team. The students should not have to deal with an endless stream of first year teachers, and early team building…students in more affluent areas don’t. In affluent areas, teacher populations are stable, and, interestingly, students do better.

To do that, I’d have to get political again.

This image is about needing to stand up to the District, as opposed to the Union. Both sides are committed to seniority based layoffs only, which is wrongheaded.

The guy with the huge gun is a District Accounting Goon, armed with Deadly Budget Cuts. The protagonist has a spatula, a call back to my obsession with giant pancakes. Although the protagonist knows that she is invulnerable to Budget Cuts, the Accountant makes it clear…her friends are not.

This image, strangely, is directly related to the meeting I went to last night, despite being drawn December 19th. The Budget cutbacks still loom, and the District is literally loading the Budget Cutback Cannon. In two weeks, we can expect to see the necessary RIF notices…teacher pinkslips.

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