Budget Crisis 2012: A Multi Part Crossover Event

Thinking about the Budgetary problems of California during winter break, and seeing sides polarize, I was reminded of Marvel Comics' "Civil War"...

This image is pretty straightforward, being the kind of heavy handed satire that Tales of Adequacy endorses. It is based on the promo artwork for Civil War, a Marvel event that divided the super heroes against one another. The idea of that event was that super heroes should be forced to register with the US Government. Iron Man was pro registration, and his kind of Republican super hero friends. Captain America, and the more liberal heroes were anti registration, and became true outlaws for the time. Spider-Man was caight in the middle, initially registering, and then breaking away to join with Cap, siing it as unjust. That artwork had Spidey in the middle, with two different costumes dividing him, his fancy republican suit, and his usual red and blue suit.

Using that as a base, we have the heavy handed symbolism above.

The protagonist is divided, like Spider-Man. On the one side, her usual outfit of fancy T-shirt and shabby coat. On the other, the more “professional attire” of a SHIELD agent like character. This represents the divide of being the radical, the firebrand reformer, and the fact that, “hey, you know what? You’re still part of the system.”

Behind her on her right is a kid. That’s pretty clear. I liked the idea of a teddy bear, and I put him in a school uniform, but this is super hero art, so his eye is glowing. Possibly with inspiration, possibly with bionic super powers. Also on that side is one of the Clones.

Finally. About the Clones. This year, my school got a special dispensation to hire teachers based on quality appraisal, not seniority issues. As a result, we have several teachers that are fresh out of college. They are highly intelligent, just got their masters’ degrees in education, and highly motivated. In addition, most of them are tall brunettes.

It’s like we ran them all out of the Cloning machine, with a good template to copy.

However, despite the fact that the Clones are pretty good teachers…budgetarily, they just got hired. Fresh out of the Cloner means first to get a pink slip, no matter how good a teacher you are. So, in the art, the Clone is on the side of the kid, and the liberal, but is kind of like the Captain America side….in trouble.

On the hero’s left side, we have a Union Hulk shaking hands with a Half Robot Douche Bag while money falls all around, and another fist clutches a stack of cash. The symbolism here should be pretty clear. I went with this because the Union has really stopped representing the interests of teachers to a large degree, and now, represents some kind of financial interests and tenure interests that have become their own items.

I wanted that side to look corrupt, but at the same time, to make sure that it was obvious our hero was somehow still involved in it.

That’s because sadly, to be a teacher…you stick up for th kids, first. That’s if you’re any good. After that, you stick up for your good colleagues, you help them out. But at the end of the day, you work for a company, and pay dues to a club, that will make decisions that are money based, and can hurt both of the two groups you were sticking up for.

That’s the reality.

Since I new the Budget Crisis of 2012 would be epic, I drew some promo art. I like how the physical piece came out way better than the way it is reproducing, but still didn’t love the markers. I’m still not used to them.

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