GATE Training, Saturdays, and Dolphins

I have been looking forward to posting this for months. I also imagine that our hero enjoys yelling at whales.

So this image refers to a conference that the Seventh Grade team, pretty much as a group, attended on December 17th. I drew this, and tomorrow’s posting, about a week later, during Winter Break.

December 17th is on a Saturday. Being Jewish, I prefer not to do anything on a Saturday, especially for the State of California. This little thing called the First Amendment…I don’t know…seems important to me. However, in order to legitimately qualify for GATE classes next year, I need to log sixteen hours of training. In the older posts, I did a pic about that…since we aggressively didn’t follow that rule this year. I was pretty mad about that, as was my co teacher.

In terms of the artwork though…the protagonist is clearly some kind of Alien-American. It would be irrational to have her be Jewish, and observe the Sabbath. I had to come up with another important cultural observation.

It turned out to be punching dolphins in the mouth. And yelling at whales. The smug bastards.

In an additional note, this is actually the first image that I drew without the hero wearing her shabby coat. I don’t even know why I did it, but since then, the shabby coat has been absent from her costume most of the time.

Also, this piece shows the first real appearance of Agent of GATE. He is our school’s GATE Coordinator….and since GATE is an acronym like SHIELD, it was pretty easy to decide on Agent of GATE as sort of a straight laced, by the book secret agent sort. Note that the jumpsuit he wears is the same as on the Establishment side of the Budget Crisis 2012 piece. Good teachers that follow most of the rules, I surmise, if they arent Clones, are Agents of GATE.

After a conversation on our batphones, not unlike the one depicted above, I agreed to go to the conference, and not be happy about it. Tomorrow’s post will have the artwork about that bizarre experience, and a summary.

Until then…Make Mine Mediocre!

2 thoughts on “GATE Training, Saturdays, and Dolphins

  1. So I was up late last night grappling once again with the technical linguistic problems inherent in writing a narrative from the perspective of an intelligent species that perceives the world through echolocation, instead of conventional sight. Daredevil is no help, but some recent studies in early and late blind humans who have learned to use echolocation to activate the visual cortex might be. So, since I have had bats, whales, and dolphins on the brain in recent times, this is a long winded way of saying that I felt bad for the dolphin, even though I like the heroine – it’s so upsetting when folks I like are at odds with one another. I’m afraid that this year, I might have to pay for the Gifted Institute at USC out of my own pocket to keep myself legal for the future, since no one cares to pay for trainings of that kind for me any longer. Sigh. Quite looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Your obedient serpent, C.

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