Professional Attire, Part 2: Suiting up for the impending Writing Test.

The fact that a co worker liked the Jim Lee style redesign seemed to warrant another appearance.

Next Tuesday is the dreaded Seventh Grade Writing Test, which counts for about seven to ten percent of the students’ CST scores. The school is in a sort of suicide overdrive related to it, at least at our grade level. Yesterday, yet another meeting happened, where it seemed like some people were hearing about this for the first time.

Today is Wednesday, comic book shipping day. I’ll be heading out for my stash soon, but the New 52 has been getting less and less of my hard earned cash. Despite fancy redesigns by Jim Lee, involving interlocking metal plates and ring compressed uniforms…the stories just haven’t been all that compelling or unique. I find myself talking about the same sorts of things that I wind up talking about in my Seventh Grade English class, in criticizing the New 52.

The antagonists aren’t that compelling. The conflicts, both inner and outer, aren’t that interesting. There’s a lack of internal continuity that challenges my suspension of disbelief. And finally, the characters haven’t been developed to a point of me actually being able to like them as people.

Art has been solid, but art alone can’t drive such a project. Just like the outline alone won’t drive my students’ papers.

In February, six of the New 52 titles were cancelled, to be replaced by six new titles. Of those, I am ambivalent toward all but two.

However, the event, such as it was, has provided excellent artistic grist for Tales of Adequacy. Above is the protagonist, leaving the Five Hundred Building, suddenly alerted to the need to “roll out” for an epic level final push on the exam. She isn’t in uniform when she starts, but the sudden jolt into action makes her ring (first appearance February 28) eject the Jim Lee style, New 52 costume (also first appearing yesterday).

At the end, she’s not cool with the new suit, despite the fan reception yesterday. Just like I’m not cool with the new suits, or new stories, DC Comics.

I hope my students write amusing stories tomorrow, on the practice test. That would make up for it.

Until then…Make Mine Mediocre!

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