Apple, Star Trek, and my first iPod: the Failed Promise of the Future

"Dude is this a date? Because if it is, you need to step up your holodeck game...@$%&!"

So, I finally broke down and got an iPod. I’ve never had any kind of portable media player, and broke down and got the iPod touch…because really, all the other functionality, for a nominal extra fee…it seemed SMART.

It seemed full of the touch screen laden promise of Star Trek the Next Generation, which apparently ran on touch pad interfaces, and was amazingly convenient. Leave Data and Geordi (my favorite Star Trek character) alone with a touch screen driven flow chart…and they can handle any threat to the Enterprise.

If Apple’s iTunes driven back end were involved, it might be something more like this….

Captain Jean-Luc Picard decides that he would like to download Golden Earring's "Radar Love," to play as he cruises the space lanes at Warp factor seven...

…a simple enough request, and why the iPod was invented.

In Engineering, Geordi attempts to set up the iPod touch, but is troubled by server side issues from Apple's iTunes store...

You shouldn’t need a Starfleet Engineering team to configure your user ID. I’m just saying.

Unfortunately, system conflicts might arise. might just self destruct in annoyance.

I have to admit…I actually used the “reminder” app to write “Throw iPod into the sun.” That’s how frustrating the process was. Thankfully, that’s all rectified now. It only took far longer than necessary.

Special thanks to Geordi LaForge.

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