Surprise Visits, Past, Present, and Future.

In February, a Pledge LA suit made a key error in choice structure. After visiting my class and observing, the only feedback was, "We didn't see you seating chart."

Seriously, the sole feedback on a pretty advanced manuscript performance and interpretation lesson was, “Where is your seating chart, we didn’t see it?” I lost my mind with anger over that…and immediately called Pledge LA’s highest level Suits out on that. Less than two hours later, those highest level suits were expressing a heartfelt apology, but the damage was done.

I had heard about such irrational evaluation procedures from other teachers, but ultimately felt that it wasn’t the norm. I was wrong apparently. Since then, other suits from the same organization have had as a take away that “the desk in there is really messy.” That was in response to a cross curricular science essay writing assignment I was supporting.

Suits always just go for the most obvious.

Initially I was going to post a different backlist image today, but the rumor came about on campus that John Deasy would be stopping by campus today. The last time he visited, it was rough. The staff hasn’t forgotten, and has been in a real tizzy of paranoid behavior as a result. Lesson plans were scrapped and rewritten, supervision has multiplied, and generally people are looking over their shoulders.

I don’t see all of the fuss. The fact is…I’d welcome some true criticism, short of “your board configuration is off,” or “I didn’t like your objective,” or “where is the seating chart.” If I’m doing my job…I should have nothing to worry about.

Coming Soon…Spring Break Epic.

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