What’s going on with the Reed Case?

Our hero throws around the Union Hulks in the court of public opinion, while the Courts of California consider the appeal.

Pretty frequent question that we are getting is, “What is going on with the Union’s second appeal of the Reed Decision?” The fact, is, at this point, not much that is visible from the outside.

Both sides have made their cases, and various amicus briefs have ben submitted by interested parties. It now comes to waiting for the court system to make its ruling.

Outside of the court system, the Union isn’t too happy with me, and a couple of my friends. Signing not one, but two briefs advising against their argument? Not liked. Providing a strong, logical statement of how the Union’s position actively harms students, and is a violation of civil rights? Not liked. That same set of statements mentioning that the Union truly does not represent the interests of a huge amount of their constituency. Not liked.

The kicker though, was gtting seventy teachers to sign the second brief, just under the wire on time. That clearly showed that it wasn’t just a few firebrands that stood in favor of supporting Reed…it showed the presence of a rebellious movement.

That was really not liked.

But short of serious hostility from Union diehards, there isn’t anything that can be done about that.

Now…it’s just the legal waiting game.

Updates as they come, True Believers!

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