My Little Clony

Seriously, that thing is pretty creepy and weird. I feel almost foul for drawing it.

So, there are times when a student needs a time out, but shouldn’t be in trouble. For that, we have developed “Operation: Paperclip.” It’s simple…the student is sent to another teacher, by the teacher who is having trouble, for paperclips. Since this is a code word that the kid needs a time out, but isn’t in trouble, that teacher looks for a minute, and then sends him to yet another teacher, for paperclips. After a rigamarole that usually results in a mission to find a room that doesn’t exist, the student comes back…usually in five minutes or so…and resumes work.

The behavior is under control, and further, the student doesn’t have to be out of class getting lectured by a counselor, or dealing with admin. It just burns off some of the extra energy that adolescents often have.

Our math teacher had used up “paperclip.” Needing another mission, she sent a young lady to me looking for her pony. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

As a result, I said that the science teacher had the pony. The same routine ensued, with the same positive outcome.

However, this was too good. We put up “Missing” posters for her My Little Pony, and further, eventually bought said pony, to be reunited with our math teacher.

Since the math and science teachers are clones…the above image evolved from it.

Tomorrow…more mediocrity. Be there!

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