The “Capey” Awards, Part One

The award itself says, "Superhuman most worthy of wider recognition." I drew this Tuesday morning, during the Nutrition break, a fact that becomes pretty ironic in Part Two.

Initially, I had started wondering last week, about what a webcomic had to do to get an Eisner Award. Pure Hubris.

So, Monday night, I’m at Teacher Cigar Night, and another teacher shows me Facebook on his iPad. Specifically, the facebook account of a teacher at my school, who has been famous in Adequacy before, for her epic “I don’t care about my colleagues” speech.

Why did he show us this Facebook page?

Apparently, this person had been nominated for Teacher of the Year.

I got off on a pretty insane rant. Pretty #$%ing crazy. The basic gist of it was, “Really? What do I have to do to get a nomination?” Risking my whole career for my students wasn’t enough? Intentionally going to one of the toughest schools anywhere? Forging a successful team that is being used as a model? Free after school tutoring? Free school clubs? Never missing a day, heck, a minute of work? General goodness? I have even been playing nice with others.

That rant continued to the car in the morning. And obviously, to the Nutrition break, for students to eat breakfast.

The punchline here, is that I do actually have about a hundred dollars or so in gift cards for never missing a day or being late. Sadly, I don’t take that very seriously, because I’m supposed to go to school. Rewarding me, or recognizing me, for showing up…that’s pretty weak.

However, the real punchline can be found in Part Two, upcoming.

Look at that, a Cliffhanger. I learned something from Stan Lee…

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