A Very Special Tales of Adequacy

This really doesn’t need a whole lot in the way of captioning.

So, after school last Friday, one of our Assistant Principals had a massive heart attack. He was down, receiving CPR, for about ten minutes while EMTs were en route. When the ambulance arrived, they had to put the defibrilator paddles on him twice, before he was stable enough for transport.

He’s still in intensive care.

A few words about this gentleman. He works hard. Pretty smart guy, really, with excellent educational ideas and real ideas about reform. He tends to rub people the wrong way, to be honest, but that can happen a great deal when you’re trying to be innovative, trying to make change.

Tales of Adequacy owes him a debt, really. This guy…gave the “rigor speech” which in turn created a single panel…which in turn, started the art that became this webcomic.

I’ve blown my stack on this guy numerous times. Regardless, it is always worthwhile to sit down, and discuss educational ideas with him, lesson plans and policies…because, simply he’s smart. He works at the job like it matters.

We hope he gets out of Intensive Care soon.

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