The “Capey” Awards, Part Four

Thursday, I tried to drop off my “Teacher of the Year” application, and was not let into the Beaudry building. Minus the Horse and the bear, this image is pretty much non-fiction.

So, I made a call to the communications office, to determine who in fact, would need to receive and review my Teacher of the Year application. Even though I’m not really that into it, a number of people have put in a pretty large amount of effort for this thing, on my behalf, so you just go ahead and do it.

I was told to go to the twenty fifth floor of headquarters, and leave it with iDesign. Don’t even get me started on the name of that office…let’s just leave it at “iDesign.” After school, we went over to drop it off, getting there at five on the nose.

The entire floor had left at four.

Apparently there were no envelopes at reception downstairs, and no way to leave a package to be delivered. We were not permitted to go upstairs and leave it on a desk with a note. Let me be clear on this one: security wouldn’t let me enter the building of my own employers, to deliver official paperwork.

My co-teacher was angry as hell. I wasn’t all that happy…kind of an “icing on the cake” end to a rotten day…but I had a plan.

Miraculously, I avoided Bannerism.

The next day, during school hours, a friend of mine from Pledge LA (I know…hard to beleieve I can make friends) was heading to the Beaudry building, and she said she would drop it off. Upon delivery, directly to the hands of the person indicated, that person said, “I shouldn’t take this…I don’t have any responsibility in this.”

Ironically, this was the same person who contacted my principal for nominations. Or is it irony? My conspiracy theory prone mind already was reeling as I got the news via text message. My representative from Pledge LA left a copy there, which I am sure was in the shredder five minutes later.

During my break, I called the Office of Communications, who were apologetic, but helpful in a way…in that they wrote a very stern letter to the 25th Floor of Beaudry. While that was happening, the Pledge LA people called someone else, who advised them to have me get the paperwork to an entirely different office, in a different building, in the opposite direction, before five that day.

Having come this far, we did that. After leaving it, I had no doubt that seconds later, the shredder was in action.

At least I have the letter from my principal. I respect her a great deal…so that is getting laminated, framed, and put on the wall.

As for the contest, I have no doubt that the documents are simply not in the right hands, and if they are, they have been torched. The whole comedy of errors is indicative of what happens when you let a District become as bloated and sweaty (Shatneresque, if you will) as LAUSD. No hands know what the others are doing, and the brain is having a seizure anyway.

When the wind up with a spokeshole with nothing to say but buzzwords as their teacher of the year, as a result of this rigamarole, they will probably feel like the image below.

‘Nuff said.

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