It’s not called the “Fortress of Togetherness.”

Yeah…pretty snarky feeling. As the song says about Superman though, “…but he stayed in the city, kept on changin’ clothes in dirty old phone booths till his work was through, nothin’ to do but go home…”

Last Thursday, I was the last agenda item in my team’s meeting. It was a good agenda, with serious pedagogical issues and lesson planning to be done. The real business of teaching. I only needed five minutes, at the end, to call out our Darth (assistant prinicpal) on letting discupline and academic rigor slack since a week before CSTs. I’ve posted a bunch about that.

I wanted a crack at the organ grinder.

Didn’t get it. I was really peeved, because I felt like the team should have made sure that I had the time, because A) it was really important to our day to day operations, and B) I keep coming through with things like discipline, negotiations with administration, and so forth.

Add to that a bizarre new policy of a few sixth grade teachers unleashing whole classes of students at a time on my building. No seriously…add that event during the meeting, for me to go downstairs and deal with.

I’m not feeling like there is teamwork. In fact, I’m feeling less than ever about it…it’s more like a collection of individuals that happen to orbit one another, because of a meeting schedule.

I took down all my bizarre statistics. Since then, I have pretty much withdrawn from the staff room, to run things on my own, the most autonomous that I have been in years. Pretty much going back to the Fortress of Solitude. The AP has been avoiding me like I am made of plague virus, knowing full well that I’m pissed.

That makes me feel more used than anything. He got my loyalty, and the concept of teamwork rammed down every teacher’s throat, as well as his CST prep that I had ethical problems with. Now, since he won’t be supervising us next year…he has cut us loose. That’s how it looks. He’s not even reading his e-mail when my co-teacher tells him to.

How long can I maintain a boycott of teamwork? Good question. There are less than twenty days left…so if the Fortress is the way, then it is the way.

It keeps the haters out.

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