The “Capey” Awards, Part Eleven: Fear Itself

As true as it is classy.

So, with less than 24 hours to go on the County Teacher of the Year interview, I am unbelievably stressed. Literally sick with it. I spent some real time thinking about what to wear, and must have double checked about fifty times that I have everything that they want, how they want it.

I am more than mildly disgusted with myself, for taking it that seriously.

Tomorrow, I am going to walk into an interview where a panel of Suits, Suits who certainly don’t teach children, and most probably did not teach in South LA if they did…will pass judgement on me as a person, and my entire career. All in the search for a political, marketable “face for California education.”

I’ve played through Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 game numerous times. Pro registration, and anti registration modes, so that way you get access to all of the content. At this point though, I’m thinking I need a big button that says “Team Stark” to wear, because the Spidey sell out concept is getting clearer and clearer to me.

Although, at the same time, all teachers are effectively Registered, as Marvel’s Civil War suggested for super heroes. Trained, background checked, and licensed by the state. Somehow, just like in my precious comic books, all of that paperwork doesn’t seem to have eliminated the problems inherent with the profession, and the people who do it.

I’m going to go back to vomiting now.

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