Vacation’s End: Back to Fancy Training Tomorrow

It says what it says.

Because of the new Calendar adopted by LAUSD, August 14th is the first day of school, as opposed to the usual “after Labor Day” beginning. Teachers district wide have been whining about it, and to be really honest, it has only increasingly gotten on my nerves.

Since Pledge LA has two weeks of Fancy Training and Team Building before the first day of school, I’m going in tomorrow.

Considering I’ve been in once a week or so to make this technology grant work, it’s not like I’ve been vacationing that much anyway. The content of Adequacy will certainly profit, going back to the meetings and policies that it was designed to mock. The whole summer thing, and following the “Capey” Awards…it’s too self indulgent.

It will be nice to get back to basics. Although teaching mutant koalas a much needed lesson is also important.

About the artwork…I am very happy with the above panel. Very happy. As I was drawing it, I noticed that bears are in competition with cetaceans as the target of our hero’s ire, for reasons that I’m not even sure I can place. I thought of suggesting that it was cultural.

At least the Giant Care Bear and the mutant koala are disturbing. Kinda mean looking, really.


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