Mogo, We Hardly Knew You.

I think that Green Lantern John Stewart might have to apologize to a few planets. Probably Galactus, too.

This is the last of the kind of random, not school related posts for a while, as Fancy Training started today and it was eventful. A cornucopia of content, really. In just one day.

Although, to some small degree, this post is related to school. Most of LAUSD’s science textbooks still consider Pluto to be a planet, even though scientists definitely have an anti-Plutonian sentiment. The digital content that is online, and we are in the process of trying to set up…that has all the urgency and immediate nature of Web Content, since it is. So that means, if scientists suddenly decide they were jerks, and give Planetary Status back to Pluto…no big deal. Web edit and…we are good.

Which would be great. Except the Wireless Access Points to access that content are not in the building…potentially not even purchased. The authorization to actually use the content, if we can access it…that has yet to be paid for.

I’m jumping ahead, to future, drama filled issues of Tales of Adequacy! No spoilers here. This week features Evan, leader of the Edumentals, and a devastating conference call. Be here!

But first, a moment of comfort to Pluto, which is still pretty depressed about not being a planet.

One thought on “Mogo, We Hardly Knew You.

  1. So the same “scientists” who can’t figure out that Pluto is a planet are trying to land a car on Mars? Yah, good luck with that.

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