“I’ll Blend Your Learning!” Part Thirteen: This is Madness!

This observation was made….with the massive success we had in turning scores around, why are we changing things?

…This observation was also clear With stress levels running high, the staff is starting to become irrational.

…myself included.

Me? I’m obsessed with making it work, and see all of the obstacles leading up to it. I’m trying to run class now as if it will be running, and this technology will be a working part of my class.

The Math teachers…they are in denial. Simply put, they are so sure it won’t function, that Blended Learning will have Epic problems on the “go live” date, that they are operating as if it isn’t going to happen at all. No test cases, no rotations, no anything.

The history teachers are a blend themselves. Both are using the technology. My history teacher cares a huge amount about making things work, but isn’t coming apart at the seams like I am. The downstairs history teacher…uses tech actively, but has a very “hands off” approach to implementation. I find this..frustrating.

The other English teachers…I’m finding it hard to communicate with.

Science no longer meets with their department, which was ridiculously successful on the CST. That can’t be good, and they know it, so there is a gradual level of discouragement there.

As the zero hour approaches, I find myself with more and more responsibility, and less ability to get things done. Few others at the teacher level are adopting any kind of responsibility, which is frustrating in the extreme. What used to be a team, a well oiled machine…is falling apart. Small kinds of mutiny are occurring, within the team, and quite frankly, over reactions are happening. Some from me, some from others.

Unlike G-Force, my Upstairs team is no longer “Always five, acting as one.” (Being fair, last year we weren’t FIVE acting as one…but the concept was at least much more in play.)

If this is our direction, now two weeks away from launch, I sense serious trouble.

The art, I feel, speaks for itself.

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