Interlude: The Future is Now.

An obvious homage to John Byrne’s work. Sadly, pretty on point.

Not much to say here. A week has passed since last Thursday, when massive safety issues had come to a head on our campus. The more I think about it, the more I think that we as a community got lucky. The Safe School issue was on my mind, and as I drew on Sunday, this was the content that emerged.

There’s not much to say here, that the art, and last Thursday’s post, doesn’t say. I’ve gone about this week on a perpetual “red alert,” always looking, always wondering what might happen next. Thankfully, things have been peaceful.

When I listened to Deasy speak, on Tuesday, he was pretty practical about Students’ Rights, and very frank about what they are. One key issue to him is that students are safe, especially at school…and I really was amazed that how someone so high up in the proverbial food chain had the same views as the front line people.

All week long we have been asking each other at school…”How can I care about my students getting a fancy computer curriculum, when I have to worry about their safety?” Or worse, “If we can’t get the data into a database to run this program, then how are we supposed to ensure the safety of the kids…a much more complex task?”

I don’t know. I just know that before school, during passing period, and especially after school, I go outside with the students, and look. I watch. When there is a problem, I try to fix it, or throw myself into harm’s way to keep the students out of it.

My Union says that this isn’t my responsibility, and I have to question that. How isn’t it my responsibility?

Drawing that…it didn’t really make me feel better…it just gave shape to the frustration that I, and many other teachers, feel.

Next issue: Back to Blended Learning! And Lo there Shall Come…a Boss!

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