Mega City Two: The Complete Case Files 2012 AD

This was a surprising chore to do during the day. Also, the second time my affection for the universe of Judge Dredd makes an influence on the strip.

This week, law enforcement continued to be actively involved with my student community. It’s a bit scary, and there is definitely an increased police presence. It keeps everything safer, by far, but it also highlights the fact that in order to maintain a safe school, you need more than just dedicated teachers. A fair amount of the time, you need the local Law Enforcers.

It would be more effective, if instead of the cast of Adequacy, we had the cast below (I think):

Definitely more effective. He has Lawyers, Guns, and Money. according to Warren Zevon, that’s the problem solving trifecta.

Since Mr. Obama seems not to be using his old campaign poster design, and I still have the button, I decided to run the image above through the filter, and make a “Complete Case Files ’12” cover, like the TPB that inspired the image. Well, that and the crime wave in my school neighborhood.

I’m hoping it calms down, because I’m truly pretty concerned for my students’ safety. It’s hard enough going to school…going to school amidst Law and Order episodes is a bit much.

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