Furlough Day No. 2: Boredom sets in.

Submitted without comment.

Well…almost without comment.

I always have this trouble. I need a rest, but at the same time, I need something to do. At this point of the year, especially with the “early start” calendar, it seems like there is just too much to do, that since I’m not at school, I can’t get done. Add that to the fundamental boredom of the rest of the world being, I don’t know, AT WORK during the day, and you have a boredom inducing mix.

About the art for a moment: I wanted the idea of a lazy day. For some reason, old eighties era clothing that might have been in “Footloose” came to mind. Clearly, the girl from the cover of Flashdance wants her T-shirt back.

The T-shirt was a real debate. At first, it was going to say, “I heart LA,” but that sucked. I then considered, “Frankie says relax,” or just “Relax,” but that didn’t do it for me. I considered various Marvel vacation spots, and even fictitious sports teams like the Gotham Knights.

I settled on the usual star because it suggests that this is somehow part of an eighties version of the hero’s uniform. In the eighties, even Rogue had a crop top. In that way, I thought it suggested an old, worn, comfortable garment.

Yeah…I’m bored enough to give serious thought to our hero’s t-shirt.

Next: Union Hulks, Pym Particles, and Tauntauns!

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