‘Tis the Season…for Fat German Men to Plot Against You.

Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, it is very easy for Klaus to hire Mandalorian Death Commandos.

We are now in the season of Ubiquitous Christmas. Go to the mall? That Fat Bastard Klaus and his tiny henchmen are everywhere. Go to Hallmark? You can get an ornament of Vader dressed as him, which says something. Check your e-mail? Tons of spam bearing his jolly fat evil face, trying to sell you things at decreased prices.

When I go to school, however…being a state institution….I shouldn’t see the jerk. It should be a safe zone. It should be like the X-Men’s Utopia Island, or the Romulan Neutral Zone.

This post goes live on Monday…so while it is live, I will find out if the Constitution is just a guideline at my current school.

Last year was pretty solid…there was only one thing, which put myself and the only person I only respect at Pledge LA at odds for like a month. It was a big deal to me, and really, only to me. After the fact, that kind person kind of understood my point, but it still comes off as unreasonable.

Not all of my students celebrate Christmas. By having Christmas stuff around, it is the school, and thus the state, saying that one culture or religion is superior to another. My students don’t know one way or the other what their rights are, or what the right thing for a school to do is. They in fact, have some pretty unusual ideas on that subject.

Add to that…I have a problem with it. Being Jewish, I just don’t like it when the state reminds me that this is fundamentally a country run by WASPs. WASPs who often feel that they can ignore the Constitution, because they presume a unity of thought….that doesn’t exist in a truly multicultural environment.

Our school hasn’t done anything yet, at the time of this posting. Yay!

The rest of America though? I was seeing that fat bastard Klaus at CVS at the beginning of November.

It’s on Klaus.

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