Infinite Black Friday: Now it lasts all week.

Well playd, Klaus. Well played.

Apparently the door to be busted is now my own.

I had thought that as the weekend rode out to a close, the Black Friday Spam from about every single internet merchant I have ever shopped with would slow. It did seem to slow down, as Sunday rolled around. That is until this morning, where “Cyber Monday” was announced in my inbox, and a second swarm of tiny electronic marketing teams was belched forth from my computer.

When I went into the staff room to gripe about it, I was told, “Yeah…now Black Friday lasts a week.”

The stuff of evil, that. Not that I’m against deals. I’m not. I’m against having them shoved up in my face so aggressively, when I’m at home and not shopping. Or at work checking my e-mail. Time and a place, you know?

The good news? Klaus may have lost a foothold at my school. Even today, Pledge LA’s one human that I trust asked me about the menu for the staff “Winter Solstice” gathering. I can get behind Winter Solstice. It’s astronomical.

Tomorrow…assault on the Fortress! Be there!

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