Thanksgiving with the Edumentals: A Second Coming of Douchebaggery

Once again…not a Fortress of Togetherness. In fact…it’s a fortress to keep all the haters out.

So, when I heard that a neighbor had Thanksgiving with Evan from the Edumentals, I nearly flipped. Apparently, my deep seated contempt for the organization, and Evan himself, were well established. This is good, I’d hate to think that someone that I said, and I quote, “Then you should get the hell off my campus” to was harboring any kind of illusions of civility. Just seems like at that point the khaki pants and oxford shirt would have eaten your brain.

This was just a preamble. A lead in, if you will. The Edumentals have been talking to Pledge LA, with an eye toward finally fulfilling their contract and beginning a Blended Learning program on our campus.

The fact that there are only two and a half weeks left to the semester? Trivial. You’re not thinking like a Suit, True Believer. Suits don’t care about things like student outcomes or effective teaching.

Thankfully, I had already had a Subterannean Confrontation with Pledge LA’s leader, who had to endure rather a bit of teeth gnashing, surliness, and general complaint about these Suits. In their Suit on Suit combat, it was determined that the Edumentals were still not prepared to deliver, and furthermore, that the staff was almost certainly not prepared to listen to them.

The straw? The Edumentals were not certain that they could provide some kind of proof of expertise. The kind of thing that makes you “uniquely qualified,” and allows the school to save you from layoffs. Or more specifically, the kind of thing that my teachers desperately need.

If you aren’t expert enough to determine who has become expert under your guidance…then what do you get paid for?

Thankfully, Pledge LA seems to be taking this pretty seriously, and putting things in the hands of an educator that the team at school trusts. However, as Thanksgiving foreshadowed…the Edumentals are clearly not done yet.

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