Calendars: Not just a Mayan problem.


Wow. No caption on that, mostly because WordPress just changed the back end interface that would allow it. I’m sure I’ll have more time to explore it later, and be back to sarcastic captions in no time.

Creatively, I’ve had a dry spell lately. Like, for days. However, the content above is pretty much related to another epic level issue. The New Academic Calendar. This is the calendar that had school start in August, as opposed to the usual after Labor Day beginning.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? Now that the semester started earlier, however, it ends earlier. Making the school calendar for LAUSD much more like the calendar for Universities…

…making all of the end of semester paperwork due in about two weeks.

My students are laboring under the belief that this is NOT a semester report card, no matter how often I state that it is. This is good thinking on their part…all of their educational experience actually supports their thesis. Most teachers are also startlingly cavalier about all the impending deadlines.

As for myself…I have been consciouly trying to “gear up” to complete all of the necessary paperwork. It’s pretty hard to do though, with 14 years of habits on one calendar. The grading window opens tomorrow, and I’m ready for that, even though it seems counterintuitive. Also unfair, as the semester wound up having only about 18 gradable weeks in it, by the most generous standard. Makes it harder for a student to save themselves at the end, since there are less opportunities for points.

I’m trying to build in a buffer, while not making my gradebook a living nightmare. Since my gradebook, also, needs to be turned in in December.

All in all…confusing for both teachers and students. Next week, when teachers are breaking like dry twigs under the paperwork strain that I asked them to begin last week…that will be good comedy. Or not.

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