Issue No. 300! The Last Mayan Story

After all that hype, no end of the world.  Our hero is still angry about what they did to Dick Clark.  Bastards.

After all that hype, no end of the world. Our hero is still angry about what they did to Dick Clark. Bastards.

Right here, True Believer…the three hundredth post at Tales of Adequacy. This webcomic, blog, or just plain year long piece of sarcasm is officially the largest project that I have ever done. Seeing the number three hundred, it was kind of a big deal.

If I were DC comics, I would now cancel the blog, restart it at post number one, in the hopes of getting new readers on board. Oh…I’d also have Jim Lee redesign all the characters.

We will not be doing that.

Today is also the 22nd of December. According to the Mayan Calendar, John Cusack, and a huge number of idiots, the world was supposed to end yesterday. It didn’t. Hence th artwork above. Our hero, and myself, are so @#$%ing tired of “Mayan Calendar this…” “apocalypse 2012 that…”

Hence, an all important Mayan smackdown.

Our school had this “Mayan Symposium Assembly Day” just before break, and I was really in wonderment about it. What exactly brought it on this year? A doomsday prophecy with absolutely zero foundation. This is how we are running schools? No wonder we are in trouble.

Despite the fact that we did have real University lecturers come to speak which is good…it seemed that somewhere, the idea that University lecturers might not be the paradigm for middle school students…that idea got lost. I’m not saying that middle school students aren’t smart. I am saying that there is a type of audience that you cater to, and University archaelogists might not have been all that prepared for inner city thirteen year olds.

It didn’t go off terribly. The world didn’t end, for example.

A moment to criticize, though. Seriously, the Mayans had an accurate calendar made out of stone, that lasted until now. Cool.

My calendar, made out of paper, ends annually with no doom prophecy. I buy another. Since the Mayans were CARVING IT IN STONE…they probably just didn’t want to make another one annually, and thus were really clever about making an accurate counting rock.

If they were still thriving, they would have Barnes and Noble carving small desk calendars out of stone for the next few hundred years.

Think about that.

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