Inferior Spider-Man

That's a pretty good question, really.

That’s pretty good question, really.

Yesterday, the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, No. 700, was released in comic book stores across the United States. As a result, my Holiday Gift is Otto Octavius, Doctor Octopus, as Spider-Man for the forseeable future. Amazing Spider-Man is cancelled, with Superior Spider-Man replacing it.

Being very fair here, I have never been a huge Spider-Man fan. I liked the book best in the seventies, when Peter was in college and had a Buffy the Vampire Slayer like ensemble cast. He’s okay, but never my top choice off the stands.

Reading Avenging Spider-Man yesterday, I now pine for the Spider-Man I haven’t been reading.

Otto Octavius…Doctor Octopus…is a Spider-Man who is pompous, condescending, prone to betrayal, and intentionally treats women poorly. The sequence where he deals with Mary Jane…and the sequence where he thinks pretty hard about her…they are both pretty rough around the edges. And seriously folks, have this mental picture…Alfred Molina getting together with Kirsten Dunst. Troubled?

How did he lose all the weight? Pretty simple…Otto had a disiease that was killing him, and used his fancy technology to switch minds with Peter Parker, trapping Peter in his dying body. Which just died. So actually, that awful mental picture that I just made you have…you shouldn’t have. He apparently still looks like Toby McGuire, but THINKS like Alfred Molina.

Except they both each had the complete memories of the other. So, True Believers, when they need to undo this (think Clone Saga) they can just say that Peter thought he was Dock Ock trapped in peter’s body, and have someone like Moondragon cure him. Can’t be Xavier…since as we know, Xavier is dead again for the moment.

It’s days like this that I get frustrated with Marvel. No one expects this to last, and it echoes a reviled plotline from about twenty years ago. Honestly, I smell the hand of Disney in this…since Sony has the film rights to Spider-Man. Just sayin’.

One thought on “Inferior Spider-Man

  1. At least the clone saga used a clone of Pete.i liked Ben Reilly as a clone,and not the one true spidey,but Otto in peters body?!This is without the biggest mistake the spidey books have made so far.i agree with everything that was said above.its weird,creepy,and disrespecting one of the greatest heros of all time.Yeah let’s let a mad insane murderer have a saints life.dan slott is a good story teller but he made a mistake here.hey let’s make Sebastian shaw leader of the Xmen!

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