Tool Site Council: Tales of Bad Decision Making

Being totally impartial, we were out of compliance.  it just wasn't that big a deal, is all.

Being totally impartial, we were out of compliance. it just wasn’t that big a deal, is all.

Some people take some things way too seriously.

School Site Councils can be one of those things. A School Site Council is a body composed of educators, parents, and students, that makes the finacial decisions for a school. The idea is to involve more stakeholders, and make it less of a “top down” principal driven system. That’s the key concept. Involve the school community with elected representatives of each stakeholder category, in order to get a more balanced demographic in decision making.

The fact is, one can make a whole lot of fuss about say, how the minutes are written, or attendance. There are bulletins about this, and so forth, and the idea is just to have a structure which is fair. You can get very carried away with it, however.

Lately, that has been the case, hence the artwork above. Compliance issues can hamstring you, can lock you up in chains preventing the function of a very important body. That can be frustrating, especially when the district/board expect that you are acting in good faith as the default…

Example: Using School Site Council to pay for your new Cadillac? Bad non compliance.

Example 2: Accidentally getting the wrong number of years for terms of officers in your by laws? “Go fix that please,” non compliance.

See the difference? I figured you could, True Believer.

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