Everyone Has The Same Problems…

I love panel one, despite experiencing it.

I love panel one, despite experiencing it.

Everyone eventually has car trouble.

I drive an old Mercedes that is holy to me. I’ve been driving it for twenty eight years. Today, it was raining. Great commute anyway, excellent music, smooth sailing. Until I got off the freeway, and merged onto Vermont.

At that point, I was having trouble seeing out of my back quarter window. I lowered it, to clear the fog, and it wouldn’t go back up. Complete mental collapse ensued.

This was like, twenty minutes before my first class. It would not lift back into position.

I got out of the car, and tried to do it with my hands, Seven Samurai style. Nothing.

I called ahead on my cell, and amidst insane ranting, informed the school that I needed to drop my car off at the shop, instead of leaving it outside in the rain with open windows.

That forced me to sit in traffic for an hour, and further, to miss my first class. I hate being absent. Most teachers would have called it a day at that point, but to be honest, I would just sit around being crazy if I didn’t go in.

The kids were pretty concerned. Not being there was an EVENT. They had been well behaved, and the teacher covering was impressed. Still…a bummer. In business, you just stay late if you have car trouble. In my business…that’s an hour you don’t get back.

The car will be done tomorrow, for like four hundred bucks. Turns out I blew some pretty important switches. Yay.

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