Spring Break ’13: First, the Odinsleep

You know a guy is powerful when his power nap is named after him…and in motion pictures. Go Odin!

You know a guy is powerful when his power nap is named after him…and in motion pictures. Go Odin!

It isn’t a continuity error.

I remember that for last year’s Spring Break, Asgard was banned as a venue. “Asgard is eternal, but Spring Break is but ONE WEEK.” I actually considered doing a two panel bit for tomorrow of her getting thrown out of Asgard, for sneaking in and sacking out on Odin’s bed.

I then considered having the three bears throw her out of Asgard, because they have experience with chucking people out of bed.

I haven’t drawn either of those yet, but this one is important. Spring break hit, and I pretty much did the Odinsleep. Teaching can be exhausting…you put on five to seven shows a day, and by the end of each show, the audience is supposed to be improved by it. In measurable intelligence.

That tires you out.

This image just kepts growing. At first, it was just going to be our hero sleeping. Then I thought, how would anyone know it was Asgard? The fancy Kirby style bed ensued, and then a wizard of some kind wondering who the @#$% she is. Then I needed Heimdall looking guilty, since it would be his fault some random superhero wandered into Asgard…and then, for like no reason, I chose to have two Asgardian Warriors actually guarding her sleep.

Because sleep is important, people.

I’m pretty sure it’s the Odinsleep only when Odin, or the king of Asgard if that isn’t Odin for some reason, does it. I’m pretty sure it isn’t like the Pope’s throne, where he sits to be infallible (more about papal superpowers tomorrow) but I was pretty sure that if you wanted to get some rest, Odin probably has a pretty epic bed for doing it. I mean really, when you KNOW that about once a year you have to do the Odinsleep…you’re gonna have a fancy bed.

Tomorrow: Hats! And Popes! And Pope Hats! Be there!

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