Spring Break: New Concepts in Footwear

Pretty much says it all.

Pretty much says it all.

Well, maybe not all.

Before Spring Break, at random, I saw an advertisement on the internet for Shwings, which I promptly sent along to my friend. We decided, immediately, that we had to have some, and then relegated it to the back burner of random things you might buy off the internet on some lazy Saturday.

When we were roaming around stores like a pair of boneheads, shopping for hats the other day, we literally stumbled onto the Shwings, after first investigating Adult Footie Pajamas and Hello Kitty Gene Simmons. Seriously, none of this is a divergence from the truth.

After a lengthy decision making process (what color? what style?) we settled on the Shwings of choice.

The art, of course, references that. It also references a plotline from Adequacy a year ago, where our hero is pretty mad about constantly having to haul whales back into the ocean, and wants to pick a fight with Aquaman over it…only to encounter the Sub-Mariner. For that punch line, the Sub-Mariner winds up making out with a sea monster.

Hence the last panel reference above.

I’m trying to produce an epic couple of page storyline for the Paso Robles posting, but actual wine tasting keeps getting in the way. Hopefully, that will be ready for posting as a rare weekend issue. New respect for Will Eisner, by the way, and the amount of story he could cram into a page.

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