Spring Break: Triple Sized Paso Robles Issue!

I prefer to lead with the art, as readers know. In this instance, I’m leading with a brief amount of text. There won’t be any captions, and there won’t be some sort of dissecting commentary at the end of the art, or buffering between each image.


Firstly, this is the largest “issue” of Adequacy in terms of the art. Three pages, all on one narrative, with a total of eighteen panels. New respect for Will Eisner, by the way. It is intended to tell a story, a story of Spring Break, and I’m figuring that it will do that job.

Secondly, any attempt to explain or otherwise clarify would just create more pages.

With no further preamble…the larget “issue” of Adequacy ever!

Page One.

Page One.

Page Two.

Page Two.

The Last Page, People.

The Last Page, People.

There you have it. Tomorrow…The Final Day of Break.

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