Teamwork Means Having the Other Guy’s Back.

As always, Horsey is about friendship.

As always, Horsey is about friendship.

And throwing things on the ground. Hard.

Perhaps that is party of the magic.

I’m pretty disgruntled about handling a large amount of other teachers’ problems, without getting anything in return. Insult was added to injury recently when another teacher set up a narrative project…pretty well suited to a cross curricular support by the english teachers in the grade level…and told the english teachers about it after it was done. The fact is, this person thinks that I should be on hand to handle discipline problems at a moment’s notice, and is angry when there is some lag on that. All I need in exchange is more assignments for our mutual students, and I am not getting that.

Worse…students are sent to me for discipline. Not for me to me Mary Poppins, but instead to be Captain Ahab. Afterward, I get to hear how that “isn’t really the way”…and “I don’t want to do that yelling and discipline, they get too much of it already.”

Or in other words, fix my problems with running my class, while I tell you that I know a better way. Makes me pretty crazy.

Or my less favorite one, “fix my discipline problems, while I tell you that i’m a basically better person then you.”

Although this has been brewing for a while, and I was able to draw this on Wednesday, it came to a head in our IDT team meeting on Thursday. There is a student situation that needs a procedure…and as responsible professionals, it falls on us to write that procedure. This guy has been trouble, and was identified early, but my long time co-teacher was deemed “too harsh” in her approach. Now, too late to transfer, the student is out of control with his proponent teacher, and now that teacher, agrees with the first one…and wants a remedy.

I don’t have this students at all, so this boils down to something simple:

Teacher A was dismissive of Teacher B.
Teacher B has literally six times the experience of Teacher A.
Teacher A was wrong in being dismissive, and wants Teacher B and Teacher X, as well as Administrator A, B, and C to fix the problem that was created by not listening to Teacher B.

Teacher X is tired of it.

Thankfully, we have Horsey. Horsey, I noticed, appears in the strip when our hero needs a friend. someone to bail her out, someone to help, someone who always has her back. Maybe someone that picks her up from the moon, or the Arctic, maybe someone that chucks a clone with delusions of Mandalorian grandeur at the ground. Maybe someone to fight zombies. Hard to say. But your team mate, your partner, your friend, always has your back, like Horsey.

Hence the heavy handed art. What happens, versus what should happen. There should be some exchange of good, if I always manage to bring the metaphorical laser vision goggles to the table. There should be, but isn’t. Horsey is fictional, and for all the lip service given to collaborative education, I see less and less of it daily.

Thankfully, the week is over.

Tomorrow…random awesomeness! And a chicken! Be there!

2 thoughts on “Teamwork Means Having the Other Guy’s Back.

    • She doesn’t. Her goggles, which she dug up to edit a giant book in a post last year, have the laser vision in them. She wears them infrequently.

      In the hierarchy of things she has, and doesn’t use often, I am thinking of making an appearances list. The laser vision goggles, which are very useful, make way fewer appearances than the titanium sporks. Stolen Iron man suits, I think, may have had more appearances than the laser vision goggles. I know the laser vision goggles appear more often then her Green Lantern Ring, which we have seen about twice, I believe.

      The Rebel Bass, of course, only appeared once. I should have it make another appearance, in fact, since it is now in its rightful hands.

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