Lost In Space….but Friendship IS Magic!

Ah.  Our hero has made a good call, people.

Ah. Our hero has made a good call, people.

This posts on our last day of testing. I’m pretty glad that it is overwith, although I steadfastly believe that our goal of 700 API for the school is very, very unrealistic, given the elements in play. However, if you aim for the bullseye, you generally hit the target….so hopefully, that metaphor pans out into a general improvement for the school.

Regardless, it has been a tiring week, with little to no real educational reward. The students come in, take tests, and leave. I’m not allowed to help, guide, facilitate…I just read instructions, sharpen pencils, and prevent cheating. Part of the job, but the unpleasant part. Thankfully, as of this post, it is done.

In terms of “getting back to business”, that is problematic. There are five weeks left, but the school hyped this as the end all, be all exam. Sure, there is a report card left to come, but being serious, that isn’t a real motivator, because no one gets held back, and a small number of my kids actually get the report cards in the mail. Realistically, there isn’t much to do.

I tend to get experimental about content, and content delivery at this point. Looking for new methods, new ideas, because the environment is more “no harm, no foul.” Its not bad, and a decent amount of good lesson plans have come from it. There isn’t any direction though. At this point the district, and admin, leave you high and dry.

Hence part of the artwork. After CST exams, you’re high and dry, floating, more or less directionless. Its hard to know where to go, what to do.

The more major part of that metaphor is that A)I can’t find my way around. No sense of direction at all. People ask me, “why does Horsey schlep our hero around, if she can fly?” She flies just fine, people, but has no sense of direction. It has always been implied that she gets lost, and as a result, doesn’t fly much.

The second part is that B) collaborating with her weird friends gives her that direction. It’s a way to move forward, and not run the same boring lessons all the time, until after CSTs, you’re just babysitting.

Bringing me to recent comments to the site. The Friends of Horsey were pretty mad that he wasn’t in Issue 400, despite always standing by the strip’s protagonist, not passing judgement, and generally being a loyal and true friend. They were even more mad that Pony had a cameo, feeling that Pony’s inclusion somehow undermines Horsey as a character.

Interestingly, I had always intended Horsey for this post, simply because Horsey does always bail out our hero, mostly when she is epic level shafted., That was the point. The more sight gag, humor based cameo of Pony in N0. 400, in my opinion, was a less valuable, more cutesy appearance.

Horsey is all about friendship. And adult beverages.

Tomorrow: Back to Business as usual, with the creepy Urban Time Cult! Plus…Murals and Shepard Fairey?

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