Stream of Consciousness IV: SIG II, Final PowerPoint!

That was a large number of Roman Numerals in the Title, huh?

That was a large number of Roman Numerals in the Title, huh?

As of Tuesday, my SIG II Grant Training hours are complete. Six hours of it were devoted to “understanding your new teacher evaluation.” During that time, we were actually told that teaching by having off topic activities and then reading a PowerPoint presentation out loud would be practices that got a negative evaluations…while the “trainers” did exactly that.

I had to bring a pretty large princess Celestia talking pony with me. Any time that things became too grating, we pressed the button, and Celestia would light up and loudly inquire whether there were other Princesses, or if someone would comb her hair. This made the training tolerable.

With six hours where we were actually on topic, so much could have been done. So much could have been learned! Just watching documentaries on modern neuroscience and the links to forming new cognitive pathways would have been eye opening, and useful to the business of actually teaching things. Lectures by linguists, an address by the gang unit of LAPD, a lecture from nearby health specialists on specific new things that could harm my students….all are things we could have done during that time.

Instead, a lethally boring PowerPoint about my new evaluation. At one juncture, it was actually asked, “If you do your job, and have good scores, this really isn’t anything to worry about, right?”

Right. Resoundingly so.

Hence the artwork. The non functional computers from our grant were in play, to stream a video as well as the PowerPoint through our ITD corrupted internet system. Hence the antiquated giant Brianiac skull head station. My history co-teacher, Princess Celestia, the protagonist, Horsey, our other english teacher, and the Principal (with nuclear powers on full blast) are the characters shocked and bored, in clockwise order from the top left.

No more weird stream of consciousness sarcasm for a while. It’s pretty rough to do.

Friday: Star Trek!

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