Law and Order: ITD Computer Services Investigation Unit

Confused?  Go figure...

Confused? Go figure…

“In the educational system of California, there are two separate but equally important parties. The instructors, who deliver course content to students, and the Internet Technical Division, who provide the computing resources to do those tasks. These are their stories.”

ITD are a bunch of Epic Level Backlords. Just getting that out of the way, before i translate the above comic.

Firstly, “teh” is an internet neologism that has been generated from the frequent typo of “the.” “Hardcorez” is gamer Leet Speak for someone who is very good, or takes the game very seriously. Similarly, the idea of “tanking Kara with a prot specced pally” directly relates to a challenging methodology for intense play of the popular internet MMO, World Of Warcraft. To do so, one would indeed have to be “teh hardcorez,” and have a pretty excellent system, maximized for gaming.

All of which implies a very solid internet connection in the home, with excellent bandwidth and no interruption of service. Ever.

ITD has been working, at our school, for about two months now. Not only have they failed to install a reliable wireless internet connection, they in fact disabled the previously existing wireless system, which was in fact reliable for the basic tasks that we wound up able to task it with. At this point, taking attendance and sending/receiving e-mail are challenging tasks for my room to perform.

However, all of these backlords have the most tricked out personal tech I have EVER seen. Epic Level Tablets, truly Bangin’ Smartphones, Superior Laptops…

…which they use almost exclusively to the performance of actual work on our network. Being honest, i have only ever seen them futz with their own tech, and never actually do an real work.

Hence the Law and Order Style indictment in Leet Speak above. The ancient Jedi Tridactyl species fellow who sits in judgement is a pretty good representation of the indifference of the school board…who continues to fund technology without understanding it. Remember, in theory my school is getting a tablet computer for each student….with no wireless network. How will that work?


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