Gah! Color! No. 2

Drawing this was a chore.  Coloring it...also a chore.

Drawing this was a chore. Coloring it…also a chore.

Last summer, I went back through the archives of stuff not on the site, and did a single issue of Adequacy simply revolving around publishing those now colored images. It got a good response. This is nowhere near as large a post. Last week, there were two images that virtually demanded that I color them, so I did. There was no way I was going to color them in time to keep to my posting schedule, so I elected to do a special “all color” issue.

This is vastly different from the theories of say, Rob Liefeld, Mark Millar, Frank Quietly, or Brian Michael Bendis….who would just not deliver the issue at all. Just sayin’.

That one above was a giant hassle. Drawing it took forever, coloring it was nothing but trouble. Like things in the actual world, there was a serious overlap of things of the same color, which needed to be distinct. It is one of the only images of the five team members together. I don’t know if it was subconscious or not, but you will see how my long time co teacher is grouped with our hero, the two clones are grouped together, and in the background is our other English teacher, the fifth member. Sort of a statement on how our team is working together, or not…but I didn’t actually mean it. It came to me while coloring.

I also hate to admit it…but in coloring, I saw why many of you like the Jim Lee Suit. It has an interesting look, since being white, but metal, it isn’t just white in color, like the protagonist’s t-shirt.


Very happy with this.

Very happy with this.

Once this was drawn, I decided I just HAD to color it. There is so much going on, with no dialogue at all…it just seemed to need to be treated better than one of the usual pieces. The Mathlete comes off the page very easily as the Mathlete, where in black and white, there was some confusion about the character from readers.

In two days, I’ve done another color page, for a regular issue. I just had the time, and the venues in it, items, and the new character introduced seemed to just say, “Color Me!” One panel, with our hero holding this huge book like a wizard would haul around in a Harry Potter film, seemed to say “make something out of me, like a pendant or and iPod case!” I haven’t decided what to do with it, but I did severely crop it down for use as some sort of Adequacy gear. as I saw it in the file directory, I decided to share it as a teaser…

The severely cropped image from panel three, Tuesday (coming).

The severely cropped image from panel three, Tuesday (coming).

It would even be neat on the back of a business card. Just really liked the panel.

The school year is winding down…so content is also getting to that point. Hopefully, school is good for giving me content for the rest of the week…right now I have through Tuesday drawn, and another page that I imagined yesterday. We will see.

Tomorrow: Bat-Auction!

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