No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…by Darths!

This took a large portion of a Friday to draw.  Thankfully, I am on vacation!

This took a large portion of a Friday to draw. Thankfully, I am on vacation!

So, we have a return of the Administrative Darths…unexpectedly, and at another school. Remember, the entire system is run by Darths. No getting around that.

There is a system of due process for laying off and downsizing positions in the District. From Teacher to Janitor, Vice Principal to Werewolf Lunchlady, there is a process. If it is a fiscal downsizing from your position with the District, you need to be notified in advance, as per the details of your collective bargaining agreement. The details may vary from Teacher’s Union to Admin Union (yes, the Darths have a union too), or even the Support Staff Unions. Despite the small variations, the idea is the same…you need to be told significantly in advance.

Instructional Aides have their own Union. I don’t know what it’s called, I don’t know where it meets, I don’t know the criteria to be a member…you get the picture. They do have a Union though, and have a contract that demands advance notice. more than say, two weeks.

Suffice it to say, at a District School…one of the best schools in the country in fact, that Due Process was ignored. First off, color me amazed that one of the District’s schools is that good. It is not a charter, not part of the mayor’s partnership, not a pilot school. Public school, True Believers. Same contract, same deals in place.

Apparently, some Administrator set wheels in motion to give three hardworking Instructional Aides a raise, according to the terms of the contract. Right? Seems fair, all about merit and hard work, a good thing.

That’s never how things work. Once the wheels started, there was an administrative problem, and these three people received via certified mail a notice of their termination as of June 28th. No preamble, not a breath of “this could happen”…just a straight up pink slip.

Not to be confused with a Reduction in Force notice. Nope, this was a “You Are Done! Pack It Up!” note. June 28th, terms of employment ended. No appeals, wham, bam, thank you Van Damme.

Somehow, an attempt to get a raise for hard work resulted in laying off three people. Needless to say, phone calls were made, people spoken to, and the process is being reversed as we speak, with no evidence of a Union being involved at all. What the @#$% do any of us pay dues for, if this kind of thing can A) happen, and B) go unnoticed? This is entirely an employment issue, they should be on top of it like a cheap suit on David Brinkley.

I apologize. That was a cheap shot at David Brinkley’s suits.

About the art…the cast of Adequacy is gearing up to deal with summer, poorly equipped to deal with the hand of Darth reaching out for them and their friends. Our hero has an old 1980’s Iron Man helmet in hand, but isn’t really set to deal with the wrath of Darth. That’s kind of the point of the piece…the threat is behind them, unexpected, and huge.

We all know what generally happens to Darths though.

Tomorrow: Ben Franklin!

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