Pretty much non fiction.  Almost a documentary, really.

Pretty much non fiction. Almost a documentary, really.

Being a teacher, you wind up accumulating a whole bunch of stuff. You think, “Hey, that could be useful later,” and tend to squirrel things away. Lesson plans, materials, bulletin boards, samurai swords…it all stacks up. Most schools ask you to take all of your stuff away from school during the summer, creating a storage issue.

Being a comic book collector, on a week to week basis, you just plain acrue more stuff. It builds up pretty rapidly, and if DC comics has its way, four times as rapidly during “Villian Month.” I’ll get around to properly mocking that when it happens, but if we are assuming an average stash of twenty comics, and about one hundred and fifty comics to a box that stores them…that builds up fast. Don’t even start about the shelving needs for TPBs.

So…if you are a teacher who collects comics? That’s almost like being a hoarder.

I just purchased a fine ten by twenty storage unit from the nice people at Public Storage. Ten by Twenty is huge. It is a size that not only promotes hoarding…nay, it ENCOURAGES it. I am happy.

Since we are putting things into it in a slow and organized fashion, space is maximized…which is great. You take a truckload of stuff that was hogging up your living room, and years of Tetris experience make is so that it takes up only ten square feet against a wall…out of Two Hundred Feet. you can hear the capital letters.

When this posts, however, my friend and I will be hauling pieces of furniture I don’t need on hand anymore to school, to be used for various purposes. For one, a two seat couch to add to the teacher’s room, and a big comfortable chair. A shelving unit I used for videotapes (yes, VHS) the tapes of which are now in storage. Good things. Even much of the useful instructional material will be going back to school, where it belongs.

Hence the artwork. Not very metaphorical at all, especially since I have been enlisting the aid of friends to wrangle the process.

Below is the original, unsullied pencil art:

The color version will probably be made into a keychain for the storage unit.  Ha!

The color version will probably be made into a keychain for the storage unit. Ha!

Note the shadows, which imply ground without showing ground, and the perspective on the boxes. Both were pretty hard to execute, although I like the shadow effect. Again, this week is kind of experimental.

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