Return of the Amazon

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No comment.

When you are down by one of your key players, things tend to get kind of out of hand. It’s amazing how you tend to take for granted all the things that run right, until they run right off the rails in a massive train wreck.

Before I get into that, a brief reference to yesterday’s post, in the Adorable Zone. I thought it was clear that our hero was wrestling the narwhal, and gearing up to punch it in the guts. Many people replied that they thought she was hugging the narwhal, and were confused. Be at ease…she was fighting it. Scroll down, and see how the whale is gritting its teeth.

Now back to today’s post.

My co teacher was gone for two days, just like last year. That was to move her daughter into college. Last year, it was simpler, because the school wasn’t falling apart at the seams. This year it is, and as a result, the absence had somewhat more impact.

The students ran amok, as much as they could.

The custodians decided that locking the bathrooms was easier than cleaning them.

Those same actions resulted in massive problems of basic safety and hygiene.

In addition, another key teacher suggested that she might need to leave the profession.

That’s a huge amount to handle without your right hand person. Tomorrow, she’ll be back, so things should be slightly more stable. One hopes.

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