Deucelantis Unchained!

Speaks for itself.

Speaks for itself.

In the absence of a Principal, our school custodians had a genius level idea. Since students mess up the bathrooms by using them…lock the doors after cleaning the bathrooms. No one can get in, they stay clean, and the least savory part of the day is glossed over.

My seventh graders, thus, did not have a bathroom open to them. I admit, the time frames aren’t that long that they need a bathroom during class time…they don’t. An eight hour school day might see a time that a bathroom is required, however.

Numerous dances were done with the interim principal, followed by my Williams response. The Williams decree, in California, states that students must have a textbook to go home, a safe school environment, and clean, accessible bathrooms. It is the last part that is the key here, True Believers. I refused to turn in my textbook form until a solution was produced.

Now, a solution is in hand. Problem solved.

I considered making the key look like the Fortress of Solitude key, or some sort of complex science key. As I went on, I thought more about the source of the key…the Darth that did in the Mathlete…and felt it should have a more mystical appearance. After that, Deuceland became Deucelantis, and viola! Today’s art materialized.

In addition, my students now have access to a magical place that they often treat poorly, for reasons outside the scope of my understanding. I for one, prefer a clean bathroom when it can be found. Regardless, tardiness is slowing down as a result, since students aren’t walking the Earth like Kaine from Kung Fu just to find an open washroom.

In other news, today My Little Pony No. 10, by IDW shipped. The cover to the book was an homage to Justice League No. 1 (1987) by Giffen and Maguire. A section of it is here:



Not only is that a fun reference to one of my favorite covers, to an excellent comic, but I also referenced it in one of my earliest color pieces. I decided to go deep into the archives, and crop the original team image, retro style…

From the vault.  At this point, we are down a clone, and the union goon has been exiled.  Oh...and History Amazon was redesigned by Jim Lee.

From the vault. At this point, we are down a clone, and the union goon has been exiled. Oh…and History Amazon was redesigned by Jim Lee.

As if issue 500 of Adequacy wasn’t sign enough of the size of this project, spelunking back into the vault really brought it home.

I’m just glad that this week I was able to bring the Promethean Fire of Indoor Plumbing to the children of South Los Angeles.

Next issue: iPonies!

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