Keep Calm and Start Printing Helmets

No comment.

No comment.

I like the song. Really. I’m listening to it right now. I am still sure, deep in my soul, that the chorus is “I’m up a Mexican Monkey,” but that is neither here nor there.

The current fascination with the suddenly affordable technology of 3-D printing also has my imagination. All of the furor over 3-D printing a gun for instance. Is that the scary part? Or is it more scary that I can walk a few block in Culver city to a huge store, with a giant sign that says “Guns!” and get all the guns I want.

In my mind, the 3D printer is a machine that gives out instant action figures. Holy @#$%! The most awesome thing ever.

Or, you can just crank out the masks and gloves that Daft Punk wear, and cover bands can just immediately and instantly, cheaply in fact, play “Get Lucky” as the actual band. They might need to get suits from a thrift store. They don’t even need to really be bands…you can just get electronic keyboards and program them with the Daft Punk Song. Probably downloadable in ring tone form.

In effect, completely prefabricated music. Days of wonder, people.

Apparently, though, it isn’t so easy to roll of Daft Punk from a 3-D Printer. If you’re interested in why, click here. The “diversity” of pop music is safe for the moment.

I loved drawing panel one. It was fun, and I knew that I needed the idea of a crowd. I did not want to be George Perez about it, and painstakingly draw every person. The solution is above…

Except, I really loved the idea of a cheesy nightclub background. With disco ball, bright colors, and silhouettes of dancers. Some time spent with colored pencils, clip art, an x-acto knife and glue sticks produced this mixed media panel:

Our hero does not dance often.  While working on this, a friend mentioned that Pony is very expressive.

Our hero does not dance often. While working on this, a friend mentioned that Pony is very expressive.

I was very happy with that, but decided to run a color enhancing filter. I still hadn’t gotten the disco era feel that I was after… though, is the look and feel of disco.

…here though, is the look and feel of disco.

It’s indicative of the school year starting off poorly that our hero is back in her vacation clothes so quickly, just for Labor Day Weekend. Even in terms of content, I shifted to randomness very, very quickly, instead of continuing some of the ongoing plotlines. I could have drawn something about the principal selection process, or a follow up on the War of the Backlords with Pledge LA. I could have.

I could have done something about Back to School Night. Or something about the API number going up. Content abounds in education.

Instead, when I sat down, I wanted to make a joke about Daft Punk and 3-D printers. This is not a great sign for the school year.

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