Tool Site Council: Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls…

That's the original Ditko Suit, by the way.  !960's tech.  Not good.

That’s the original Ditko Suit, by the way. !960’s tech. Not good.

Let’s be fair…Kirby made the first, “laundry machine” design suit. That suit did not last.

That having been said, the school’s need to have a School Site Council meeting is epic. School Site Council controls the school’s budget, which is usually proposed by the principal. As readers know, the principal quit…leaving the school in an unenviable position. Furthermore, budgetary oversights have occurred, functionally overdrawing the school. Schools can’t declare bankruptcy…instead, they need to move money from one fund to another, one grant to another account.

That needs to happen to keep us solvent.

Unfortunately, we need to hold SSC elections for almost all positions. We have no principal, so there is no educational vision from the top level to be funded. In other words, we are like a corporation with no CEO, and no financial growth plan. With no standardized tests, we have no way to measure growth or failure.

We run our childrens’ futures in a way that we would never run our investments.

That’s what the art is about. Armed with little funding, and outdated materials, and little to no backing from partners, my co-teacher and a few others, aligned with me, will have the “privilege” of figuring out how to navigate this financial morass. The only thing at stake is about ten percent of any students’ education.

That’s a big responsibility.

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