Financial Crisis!

If only these conversations had taken only two panels.

If only these conversations had taken only two panels.

Our money Darth has had only one prior appearance in Adequacy. Welcome Back, Money Darth!

Sadly, the situation that brings about his return is expressly Not Good. In August, it became clear that our accounts as a school were overdrawn by about one hundred thousand dollars. That’s a pretty big deal, but it is no impropriety. It turns out that we had multiple long term subs, followed by the normal absence that happen at a school. These increased sub costs needed to be paid from somewhere, and the General Fund was the way to do that.

So General Fund was encumbered to -$100,000. That happens, and is reimbursed simply because the classes need to actually have teachers in them. Without that, school just doesn’t work. It’s a reality that happens. Paper is filed, and when that happens, the District covers the balance.

At this point, our General Fund is encumbered to the point where day to day spending that a school needs to do, in order to function, simply cannot happen. The most telling example is the Toilet Paper. Our school is out of it, and with our funds frozen, cannot buy more. Pencils, paper, and copy machine supplies are also on the list of essentials that simply cannot be replenished.

We realized that this was an issue, in August, and attempted to resolve it via the Fiscal Specialist. That Specialist is some kind of ghost, and has not made themselves available for the final resolution.

Pledge LA decided, last week, that they would be involved in this. They decided this by sending an E-mail to our entire Admin Team except Money Darth, and requesting records to do an “investigation into a budget impropriety.” They furthermore claimed that they had in fact frozen all spending until such time as it was resolved.

Fact: You can’t freeze assets that don’t exist.

In addition, Pledge LA’s Goon suggested that they did not know about the budget problem until last week. That means that they are either incompetent or lying, neither of which is good at all. On top of that, they assumed that we could adjust the budget via SIG II funds…which anyone running a school knows have not been released…

…putting the lie to the idea that they “manage’ our school.

Money Darth reached out to my co-teacher and I for protection. The implication by Pledge LA was that there was some intentional mismanagement of funds for personal profit, which was unilaterally untrue. The reality was that he, and our Interim Principal were being played by the Fiscal Specialist, and misled by Pledge LA. Most importantly, it all needed to stop.

Two voicemails from me, and a strongly worded e-mail from my co-teacher, and the wheels have finally started to turn. In all probability, things will resolve themselves very soon. It is one more thing to put in my month long tally of issues that Pledge LA has handled at odds with us, instead of as a partner.

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