A Hero Falls…Chaos Gains Slightly More Ground.

This was kind of emotional.  Just sayin'.

This was kind of emotional. Just sayin’.

The other day, my Math Teacher texted me first thing in the morning, and explained, very certainly, that she would need to take a Leave of Absence. That leave would be for her health, and is indefinite in length at this time. A portion of that need is the fundamental instability of the current school site, a portion is her own need.

The instability, the Duel of the Darths for power…it didn’t help.

This is the single best Math Teacher I have EVER met. I have hats older than her, but she has no classroom issues, teaches well, shows up, has a good relationship with the kids, and puts up big achievement scores. She does extra curricular activities, sports, and mentors children. In short…this Math Teacher is the one that you want for YOUR kid.

The mess that my school site has become prompted her to throw in the towel. Knowing full well that it might impact her career, being a very junior teacher, she felt that for her own health it was wiser to take a Leave of Absence. More bewildering than that, I agreed with her, supported her, and facilitated it. As much as I love a fight, a crusade, a quest…our work environment has passed through dysfunctional into a kind of unhealthy craziness.

That’s what the art above is about. So far, she is the only clone to have gotten any reference to anything like a name. The panels are referencing Crisis on Infinite Earths…first, the wide eyed look, seeing doom coming. Two panels of the blast, and then…our hero, upset.

Not so different than the way it came down.

Interestingly, we selected a long term substitute who is consistent, strict, and a good teacher. For reasons unknown, the computer system that assigns subs will not give her the job, even though we have specifically requested her. For two days, my kids have had a sub that can’t control the class, and are missing vital math instruction as a result. My co-teacher and I take turns going down the hall, and setting things in order.

The unaltered pencils.

The unaltered pencils.

Despite not being okay with the content, and upset about the events behind it, I’m very fond of the composition.

Next Issue: Spamtron!

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