This Meeting…This Schedule Change

Silver Age, yellowed page feel?  Check!

Silver Age, yellowed page feel? Check!

So, today, when this is live on the Internet, my co-teacher and I were supposed to have a meeting with John Deasy, Superintendent of LAUSD. The content of our meeting was to be simple…concern about the long term financial solvency, and educational vision, of Pledge LA.

The meeting has been in the works for about two an a half weeks. A couple of days ago, his secretary called to inform us that he would not be available at 4:30 on Friday, but could reschedule.

As I was drawing this, I could not decide if the huge angry Watcher figure was Deasy, or his Secretary. I’m going with his secretary, since he resembles my district evaluator, who I will be meeting with today. Tools, all.

I usually like this filter treatment better.

I usually like this filter treatment better.

Deasy’s rescheduling of our meeting is clearly strategic. He’s a smart guy, despite what the Union says about him, and is giving the extra week to see if things stabilize at our school site. He has reasons to believe that they might, and his powers to effect change or otherwise involve himself don’t change at all in the intervening week. It’s a good move, that risks nothing.

That doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. I’m not.

However, this has triggered Tier Two, where we contact Pledge LA’s Board of Directors, and I explain various issues (via ugly, brutal legal letter) with inefficiencies of management over just the past month, perceived financial insolvency, and radical staff turnover. In short, it is a damning assault upon the leadership…I mean “leadership” of the not for profit company that will leave a tangible patina of fear and loathing in its wake.

The unaltered pencils.

The unaltered pencils.

At the end of that week of brutal legal letters and ugly phone calls, my co-teacher and I will meet with Superintendent Deasy anyway. It will be a rapid strike, early morning meeting, before seven. As the Sun rises, the hammer will fall…and since we need to be on time for work, only the briefest of meetings, followed by the most damning of documents, will be put down to the table.

After that…there is always Tier Three.

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