Second Cancellation: Just Not That Imporatant (or “Screw Your Crisis!”)

Page One.

Page One.

Page Two.

Page Two.

My co-teacher and I had been gearing up for our meeting with the Superintendent. Gearing up hard…documents together, timeline constructed, packet to hand over, the whole none yards. A precision Delta Force like strike, if Chuck Norris were really all that concerned about the management of a school in South Central. I’m guessing he’s not. Chuck, if you are, drop us an e-mail or a comment.

Completely fired up, with a plan to go down to the Beaudry building before school, going to the complete apex of Los Angeles Education’s power structure. Confident. Sure that the mighty superintendent would look at the information, and like the Pharaoh of LA Mummified, rule fairly but with strength.

That was the mentality behind page one.

Thursday morning, in my period one class, the Superintendent called me to cancel. Or reschedule. Whatever. I get it, he has some pretty big press problems now…AB 484 just got signed, and you clicked the iPad link last post, so you know that drama. Busy man. I went through my spiel, and promised to send along documents, but at the same time…my co teacher and I promised to take it to the Board of Directors of Pledge LA. And the Board of ED.

It still felt like the mighty forces of LAUSD were kind of leaving us adrift. As if the new principal was sitting someplace in a fancy magnet school, mocking the chaos that had been sown by simply not being able to appear. In this world of education politics, there just isn’t anyone to confront with ugly truths.

At this point, if that new principal were to show up tomorrow, there would be little that he could do to fix things. The problems are already entrenched, the disorder endemic, like some form of disease. Pledge LA knows this, and also knew about our meeting. They have been very visible, almost against their wishes, on our campus this week, if only to demonstrate that they are in fact servicing the campus.

It is too little, too late.

I was very proud of this page.  These are the original pencils.

I was very proud of this page. These are the original pencils.

As always, the war goes on. Superman wages a never ending battle…I suppose, if my students are “waiting for Superman,” then I too wage the same conflict. At this point, my co-teacher and i will be taking the fight to corporate boardrooms instead of the Educational establishment. Apparently, corporate boardrooms are where the real action of reform is…as terrifying as that sentence may be.

All I know is that I personally have one hundred students that are counting on me to make things right. At the end of the day…that’s all that matters.

I really liked this panel.

I really liked this panel.

This was tough news, but shifting gears was easy enough.

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