Modern Warfare.

There was some debate about this page.

There was some debate about this page.

The debate wasn’t about the intellectual matter…not at all. See, our school was going to have the floors in my building redone, during class time. That would involve moving teachers, one at a time, out of the building to another building for a week each. Meanwhile, the floors in their rooms would be belt sanded, resurfaced, and varnished.

Belt sanders make a whole lot of noise, that the neighboring teachers, who can’t be moved, would get to teach over. Why do this then?

It was going to be an under the table “favor.” No costs ensued, it just happens, as opposed to about five thousand dollars per floor, per classroom. Granted, that’s about fifty grand worth of work…

…that should have happened over the summer. On the books.

I had a conversation with some administrative Darths about it, and felt like the matter was closed. It wasn’t because Darths do what Darths do…lie and misrepresent.

Unbeknownst to me, my co-teacher wrote an e-mail to Pledge LA about this, which in turn outed the “under the radar” plan. Harsh phone calls ensued, denials made, and suddenly the plan, such as it was, is over. I was oddly enough interrogated by a Darth over this, having no @#$% clue what he was talking about, since I did not send the lethal e-mail. Once i figured it out, I had a hard laugh, perhaps inappropriately, since it was right there in front of Darth.

I walked off, speaking about “instruction first,” and had the content for today. A rarity, it started with the title, “Modern Warfare.” In truth, this depicts how things unfold now, in our digital age. A very reproducible, very forwardable e-mail gets sent, and anyone and everyone can have a look at the @#$% @#$ plan that is outlined within, and the appropriate criticisms. Castles to the sky sink rapidly into the sand they are built on.

None of that is the creative debate around the page.

I showed the art to a long time reader, and she says, “Those janitors…why do they have pants?”


It was pointed out that I had a long diatribe about the undead being beyond pants…as recently as last week. I remembered this. It was then pointed out that a crowd of janitors which seemed to be zombies, skeletons, and frankensteins, all had t-shirts and pants. This seemed to be a disconnect from a thesis that I had so recently presented.

So, yes, for that attention to detail, a No-Prize is in order. Congratulations.

Technically, if I extend the criticism, why are these undead guys working at all? They should be beyond jobs. Unemployment is the main problem of the Walking Dead, especially for all those zombies. Dracula? Idle rich…no job, just lazy real estate investment. Don’t even start me on Frankenstein…sort of a complex trust fund situation gone wrong, that.

So yeah, undead janitors don’t make a lot of sense, by my own reasoning. Let’s bear in mind, somehow fifty grand of work was going to happen for free, so I think we have a zombie level of understanding on the meaning of currency, and capitalism…

Next Issue: Children Unite!

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