Not Showing Up Is His Business…and Business Is Good.

Just like in the prequel one seemed to notice he was a Darth until the exact second he was in charge.

Just like in the prequel trilogy…no one seemed to notice he was a Darth until the exact second he was in charge.

A little harsh? Not so much.

Last Thursday was Parent Conference Night. Parents have been agitated about the lack of a principal at our school, and the lack of a stable math teacher on my team. Almost coincidentally, it was our new Darth’s first week of actual employment at our school. This seems to coalesce into an impressive PR opportunity…be present, visible, and glad hand the parents, while showing a tangible presence at teachers’ classrooms during the event.

In short, let everyone know that there is a new sheriff in town, and that things will be getting back on track.

Amazingly, this did not happen.

During his initial “get to know the staff” speech on Tuesday, he made it know that there are certain…personal “hardpoints” in his schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays, every Tuesday and Thursday. By four or so, he needs to be out the door, business day overwith.

I get that. People have personal lives and so forth. Mind you, this is the same person that wants to be superintendent some day, and further, asks everyone on staff to give “one hundred and ten percent.” So long as that one hundred and ten percent doesn’t happen at a time that’s inconvenient, right?

Even with that, I assumed that parent conference night was an exception. It happens once a semester, you move some things around to be there, because, I don’t know….it’s your job. Seriously, it is actually in my contract. Maybe it isn’t for Darths…because he didn’t show up. Nothing was “moved around.” At real leadership opportunity, he had other, better things to do.

Considering how hard my team and I work, and how much of the jobs of various administrators I’ve wound up doing for no pay…this upset me. A whole lot.

Days later, it still does.

Next Issue: Nick Cardy.


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