Vacation Time: Come Sail Away, Ye Hearties!

Ponies and Pirates.  A good thing.

Ponies and Pirates. A good thing.

Maybe they are looking for gold. Maybe a lost pet. Maybe they are looking for dolphins to punch in the face, because it’s cultural. Regardless, this was very, very rewarding to draw.

Again, trying to stick the positive. The last couple of days have been great. Deciding what to do, entirely by myself, only doing things with friends that have nothing to do with teaching, and hearing exactly zero comments thanking me for my “Customer Service.” This morning, I had breakfast at a place that the manager knows me and likes me, and further, somehow puts cheddar and bacon inside a waffle. INSIDE it.

Except for the fact that I had far too many helpings of hot noodles yesterday, all is well. I think the key to vacation is just that…taking a vacation. Leaving all your stuff behind, and moving onward to other things.

Much like the Styx song, “Come Sail Away.” Click the link, and enjoy.

That’s why the pirate ship, and the related feeling. The feeling of looking for something, of freedom, of trying to carry on. The protagonist’s star logo is on the flag, mostly because neither she nor I have forgotten what we are supposed to stand for.

Next Issue: New Character?

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